LIS open access declaration

We believe that open access to all scholarly research is a public good. In accordance with statements in support of open access including the Budapest Open Access Initiative and the IFLA Statement on Open Access to Scholarly Literature and Research Documentation, we affirm that the products of our scholarship in any form should be made openly accessible as a means to support a more sustainable and inclusive system of scholarship and to reduce information inequality.

As library and information professionals with an ethical standpoint of ‘access for all’ we believe that our profession must live up to its ideals and principles of accessibility and information sharing. The scholarly communication process has moved too far from these ideals and we feel that it is now time to affirm our support for open scholarship.

Therefore, we the undersigned, pledge to make ALL OF OUR WORK open access wherever possible. This may include: placing versions of our work in institutional and disciplinary repositories, publishing in open access journals, refusing to perform editorial or refereeing work for closed access journals, retaining copyright to our work, and licensing our work for broad and expansive re-use using Creative Commons licenses (with a preference for CC-BY wherever possible).

To add your name to the list of signatories, please add your details below:

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Name Message
Stuart Lawson
Kevin Sanders
Penny CS Andrews
Professor Charles Oppenheim
Ian Clark
Pete Smith
Laura Steel
Elly O’Brien
Jennie Findlay
Andrew Walsh Definitely agree. Also set up a book publisher recently where we allow authors to retain copyright, so put my money where my mouth is…
Rachel Playforth
Matt Imrie
Stephen Carlton
Caroline Cooke
Becca Howes Lets stop making it so hard for students to do research!
Dorothea Salo
Sally Ann Russell
Neil Stewart
(the real)andrew gray
Pete Williams
Ellen Cole
Monique Ritchie
Dan Grace
Katherine Quinn
Sarah Nguyen Let’s make information easily available to all.
Deborah Fitchett
Lucy Ayre Academic Support Librarian & Repository Manager at the London School of Economics & Political Science
Jakob Voß I have never puplished any other way and will continue to do so.
igor brbre
Joachim Schopfel
Ellie Clement
Sarah George
Jen Waller I’m lucky. Librarians at my institution have already passed an open access policy, so – for me – adding my sig is somewhat ceremonial. But not so for others. Go open!
Samir Hachani
Yvonne Budden Academic Support Manager (Research), University of Warwick
Anna Maria Tammaro I agree completely with the declaration
Diane Dawson
Micah Vandegrift
Adrian Ho
Gillian Byrne
Curtis Sassur
Jacob Berg
K. Jane Burpee University of Guelph, Canada
Josh Bolick Go Open!
Sarah Hovde
Ernesto Priego
Thea P. Atwood
Carol L. Tilley Faculty, GSLIS, University of Illinois
Ludovica Price
Stacy Konkiel It’s about darn time!
Dharma Akmon Been doing this since 2008. Happy to make it official 🙂
Graham Steel
Meg Meiman
Kristi Palmer
Kathleen A. Hanna
David Lewis Dean IUPUI University Library
Jeanne Pavy
Jere Odell
Michelle Dalmau Woot!
Jennifer Johnson
Heather Coates IUPUI University Library
Renaine Julian
Jeanne Pavy
Mathieu-Cédric Lubrun
Elizabeth Skene
Bernard Scaife
Nick Shockey Great to see this!
Emily Thompson
Nick Sheppard
Jackie Proven
Julie Hardesty Indiana University
Daniel Payne
Jennifer Liss Indiana University
Jaclyn Bedoya
Lambert Heller TIB Hannover
Edgar Crook Australia
Anna Lawson
Clare McCluskey
Karen Bates
Elizabeth Yates Liaison/Scholarly Communication Librarian, Brock University, Canada
Ian Gibson
Andrew McAinsh
Adrian Pohl hbz, Cologne, Germany
Dominic Tate
Alex Clarke
Jane Schmidt
Natalia Madjarevic
Anais Salamon Head, McGill Islamic Studies Library
Monica Rettig Brock University, Canada
Leah Vanderjagt Digital Repository Services Librarian, University of Alberta, Canada
Shixing Wen University of Minnesota Duluth Library
David Bedford
Siobhán Dunne
Sue House
Philipp Zumstein
Theo Andrew
David Hughes
Dean Watters
Jane Buggle
Ruth Gould Agree entirely with this
John Mark Ockerbloom
Margaret Janz
Teresa Schultz
Eleni Castro
Sheila Corrall

6 thoughts on “LIS open access declaration

  1. We do not create in a vacuum. Our research and resulting output are the total sum of the work of others in some way. Open access is one of the only ways to acknowledge the contribution of all those that have input into our output.

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