Moderator guidelines

Purpose of the editorial process

The role of the editor is to manage the upload of blog posts to the site. We ask contributors to adhere to some basic editorial guidelines, so the purpose of the editorial process is primarily to ensure that authors adhere to these.

Editorial guidelines:

  • Neutrality is a key principle of this site, you do not have to agree with what a contributor is saying, just ensure that the content is accurate and is not libelous/slanderous or constitutes an ad hominem attack.

Editorial process flowchart

  1. Posts will be submitted for editorial approval prior to publication.
  2. Editors will check the submission against the editorial guidelines.
  3. If the editorial guidelines are not met, the post will be rejected and sent back to the author with feedback to inform the edits required prior to resubmission.
  4. If the editorial guidelines are met, then the post can be published either immediately or according to the publication schedule.
  5. A resubmitted blog post should be reviewed by a different editor and checked against the editorial guidelines and the feedback sent to the author.

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