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The information in this area will be updated in response to questions received by the awards team.


Nomination criteria/eligibility guidelines

Nominees must be based in the UK. The definition of the UK for the purposes of this award is:

  • England
  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Channel Islands
  • Isle of Man


Nomination process

Nominations must be in one of the following three categories:

  • For those who have demonstrated a commitment to, or substantial involvement in activities which will contribute to the development of services and/or resources that will provide a benefit to the public.
  • For those who have worked to deliver improvements to a service (be it private, public, or voluntary) for the benefit of users and provide them with a better experience when interacting with the service.
  • For those who have worked across the profession to improve an aspect of it for the benefit of others.

Nominees will be informed of their nomination by the IPRA team, therefore as a nominator, you will need to provide basic contact details (email and/or telephone) for the nominee. You will also need to provide equivalent contact details for both the primary and secondary nominators who are submitting the nomination.

Nominations should consist of a 500 word summary outlining why the nominator feels that the nominee would be a worthy recipient of the award, and be supported by a second nominator.  Nominations can be submitted via this online form.

Please provide as much detail/evidence as possible within your nomination – the judges can only make decisions on the merits of each nominee based on the information the nominators present to them.

Please note – the text of all nominations will be made public on the Informed website after the judging period has ended, as this is intended to be a transparent process. Therefore, please remember when drafting submissions that nominations will later become public documents.


Response times from the Informed team

As all members of the Informed team are working in a voluntary capacity, their response times for queries are unlikely to be immediate. We will however aim to reply to any queries within 3 days.



  • Nomination period opens Monday 17th October, 2016
  • Nomination period closes Friday 25th November, 2016, at 5pm
  • Nominations are allocated to judging teams week beginning 28th November, 2016
  • Judging process begins week of 5th December, 2016
  • Judging process is completed on Friday 20th January, 2017
  • Winners/Honourable Mentions privately notified Saturday/Sunday 21st/22nd January, 2016
  • Winners and Honourable Mentions are announced week of 23rd January, 2017
    • Monday 23rd January, 2017 – Third place/Honourable Mention 1
    • Tuesday 24th January, 2017 – Second place/Honourable Mention 2
    • Wednesday 25th January, 2017 – IPRA Winner announced
    • Thursday 26th January, 2017 – Statement from IPRA Winner (if desired by winner)
    • Friday 27th January, 2017 – Nomination text of all nominees uploaded



Members of the Informed award management team (Elly O’Brien, Helen Murphy, Ian Clark, Jennie Findlay, Laura Ennis and Mobeena Khan) are NOT eligible to be nominated for this award.

Volunteer judges ARE eligible to be nominated for this award.

Volunteer judges ARE permitted to submit nominations for this award.


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