Contributor guidelines

Any post contributed to this site should adhere to this basic set of editorial guidelines:
  • Not be libelous, slanderous or contain ad hominem (personal) attacks
  • Be written in a plain English style that is accessible to our wide audience – e.g. avoid jargon, if introducing a complex concept then provide a brief explanation or link to a further information
  • Be factually accurate
  • Accurately cite sources – contributors will operate within copyright and intellectual property law
The editorial process

After you submit your blog post, our volunteer moderators will check to ensure the post adheres to the editorial guidelines above. If the post meets these guidelines, it will either be published immediately or according to our publication schedule. If the post requires further edits, we will send it back to you with feedback, once the changes are made you can resubmit and it will be checked by a different editor.


To submit your blog post, please send it to submissions[at]

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