The Informed Peer Recognition Awards



We are delighted to announce the Informed Peer Recognition Award. Informed created the Informed Peer Recognition Award (IPRA) to give due recognition to those colleagues who contribute to a substantive benefit for their service or community in the UK. We are seeking volunteer judges from all walks of life to participate in the inaugural award. No special experience or knowledge is required, and colleagues from across the information professions are encouraged to apply to take part in the judging process. In particular, we would like to invite participants from the public sector, school, and specialist library areas, to try and ensure a good mix of professional experience and knowledge in the judging teams. Training and administrative support will be provided to all judges, and more detailed information on the judging process and stages is available here and here. 

FAQs on other elements of the process, including planned timescales, are available on the Informed website here.

Applications to take part in the judging process can be made via a simple expression of interest sent to by the 3rd of October, 2016.


About IPRA

The Informed Peer Recognition Award (IPRA) recognises the contributions of a library and information professional working in the UK who has gone beyond the requirements of their job to make a positive difference. Nominations can fall under one of the following three categories;

  • For those who have demonstrated a commitment to, or substantial involvement in activities which will contribute to the development of services and/or resources that will provide a benefit to the public.
  • For those who have worked to deliver improvements to a service (be it private, public, or voluntary) for the benefit of users and provide them with a better experience when interacting with the service.
  • For those who have worked across the profession to improve an aspect of it for the benefit of others.


Nominations should consist of a 500 word summary, and be supported by two nominators. 


Please note, members of the Informed award management team (Elly O’Brien, Helen Murphy, Ian Clark, Jennie Findlay, Laura Ennis and Mobeena Khan) are not eligible to be nominated for this award. Volunteer judges however ARE eligible to be nominated for this award.




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