Informed looking for new admins to run the site

Today marks another birthday for Informed. The site has been rather quiet for a while, reflecting the changes in workload and circumstances that our team has experienced. We feel very proud of what we have done with Informed and of the high quality articles our volunteer authors have written for the site. We identified a gap in the blogosphere and created something to fill it.

Now we face the reality that our founders and admins are simply too busy to give the site the attention that it deserves to ensure a flow of articles coming through. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the end of Informed. It was an idea we came up with initially but we spoke to the library and information community about what they needed and wanted from it. It has always been for the information community and beyond.

So if anyone is interested in taking over the running of the site, please get in touch and we can discuss handover. If we can’t find anyone to take it over then we would begin a managed shut down of the site over the next year.

We thank you all for supporting Informed throughout the years, writing blogs for us, reading the posts, having interesting discussions in the comments sections and beyond. A big thank you to our moderators who have checked all the articles that we’ve published and to our volunteer judges who helped us to decide on the Informed Peer Recognition Award winner. It’s been such a great experience creating, launching and nurturing Informed.

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